FAQs – Mywater


Answers to your questions on the MyWater® technology, mineral cartridges, and more.

What type of contaminants can potentially show up in my tap water?

In many parts of the world, tap water is increasingly contaminated with the following substances:

  • Chlorine
  • Fluoride
  • Bacteria and viruses
  • Lead
  • Nitrates
  • Mercury
  • Drugs and hormones
  • Pesticides and herbicides
  • Toxic heavy metals
  • Volatile organic compounds
  • Microplastics

In Pakistan, tap water in over 90% of populated areas are contaminated with various colonies of bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, toxic chemicals and is deemed unsuitable for drinking or even domestic use in most cases.


Why do I need a MyWater® purifier at home for drinking water?

Before tap water is delivered to your house, the public water system in developing countries is untreated to remove chemicals, particles and bacteria unlike western countries. In addition, non-enforcement of environmental laws in developing countries facilitates towards introduction of toxic chemicals and heavy metals into the water. Also things like pharmaceuticals, BPAs, hormones, and microplastics also end up in the utility water from time to time.

MyWater® has a purify when you need it, right at the point of use methodology. MyWater® purifiers can treat any type of contaminants utility/tap water into clean drinking water instantaneously using NSF® certified reverse osmosis (RO) membranes, UV treat it for longevity and enhance it with essential minerals. Furthermore, our smart sensors make sure the system performs as it is designed to do…highlighting the water quality you drink on your mobile app.

Thus, it is best to take your drinking water quality into your own hands, control your drinking water, so you can know for sure that you are drinking safe and mineralized water.

How effective is MyWater® in removing all types of contaminants? Including ones that are not identified today but show up tomorrow?

MyWater® uses our proprietary Adaptive Micro-Cyclic Processing (AM-CP®) technology which uses NSF® certified reverse osmosis (RO) membranes and filters to purify contaminated water with higher efficiencies like large water purification plants but in a micro scale which is retro-fitted inside our purifier units. These types of processes are common in medical devices like dialysis machines etc., hence our standards for performance are medical grade. No compromises on quality.

RO membranes have typical pore sizes of 0.001 microns which means that it takes out everything in the water but pure distilled type water like water that comes from rain. So, the process is to take out everything in the water (known or unknown) to make it pure water and then add essential things for health, taste and longevity of water.

What is the difference between MyWater® water and bottled water?

There are two issues with bottled water: lack of regulatory standards and vulnerable distribution methods.

Lack of regulatory standards encourage malpractices by some bottled water producers to cut costs. This results in contaminated drinking water ending up into bottles of water which is deceiving to the consumer as the harmful contaminants in water are the ones we cannot physically see. However, due to regulations limiting treatment to bottled water, we cannot be fully certain that it is clean or safe. In fact, bottled water is less regulated than tap water.

When bottles of water leave the purification plants in their “best” condition, they usually go through various channels of distribution and storage in conditions not recommended by experts in the field. One typical culprit is sunlight which can cause leaching from the plastic bottle and facilitate bacteria growth in the water body even before it gets to a consumer’s home. Having a point of use purification method is the best strategy to eliminate dependency of imperfect distribution methods.

How do I know the minerals added by the MyWater® purifier in my water is safe?

We take the greatest care to make sure that the best ingredients are used. First and foremost, we are only using ingredients that are FDA (Food and Drug Administration in US) approved and are certain and certified to not include any harmful substances.

For sourcing and quality control we have been working with reputable suppliers in Korea and the US to provide us with natural mineral ingredients which are mineral cartridges are comprised of. Each mineral cartridge contains a specific blend of magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium as per international mineral water standards.

This is also complemented by self testing at the microbiological laboratories at our manufacturing facilities in Pakistan and the far east.

The safety of our cartridges will also be visible and accounted for by a voluntary NSF® certification, which is based on rigorous testing. Because we can monitor the quality of the water and our system live, we keep an eye on our cartridges for you and replace it when it needs to be replaced. Hassle-free.

How is the MyWater® purifier priced? Who does the maintenance of the system?

MyWater® purifiers come in three models each with its own design and operational parameters. You can select a model based on your needs or contact our sales team to get help identifying the right product for you. There is a one-time cost which acts as a security deposit for the equipment we place in your vicinity. There is a monthly full-service flat fee which covers all types of maintenance including filter replacement and general cleaning of machine components. There is no additional cost of filters or its replacement beyond the monthly full-service flat fee. If you decide to cancel your contract with MyWater® we would refund the security deposit made initially and take the equipment back.

This pricing model provides minimal risk to the customer and ensures that we provide you with the best quality drinking water as promised every day and every minute, 24/7.

Is there a filter cost beyond the monthly full-service flat fee cost for a customer?


How much energy does the MyWater® purifiers consume?

For model NEO-1326, since there is no cooling or heating…the typical power consumption is 15-20W. For models Versa-1333 and Terra-MS01, the cooling and heating power rating can go to 60-70W. This is typical of any water cooler or heating dispenser appliance in the market.

Who does the installation of the MyWater® purifiers and what are the costs?

Our technical staff takes care of all installations at the time of initial equipment drop off at the desired location. Installation costs vary between PKR 1,000 – PKR 2,500 depending on the complexity of field conditions and access to utility/tap water. These costs are highlighted to the customers before the security deposit is placed. These installation costs are also part of the security deposit amount.

What is the warranty of MyWater® purifiers?

The warranty extends to if the monthly full-service contract is active. We cover all types of maintenances, certain restrictions apply. The equipment in general has a field life of up to 5 years like most appliance products.

What does the MyWater® mobile app show?

The MyWater mobile app shows various parameter like water quality incoming and outgoing (into your glass); system health; filter life statuses and data analytics of water consumption on a daily basis.

The mobile app also gives consumers additional options like: scheduling a service call; pay monthly bill using a credit/debit card or e-payment services like Jazz Cash, SimSim, QuickPay, Keenu, EasyPaisa (in progress) and chat with our customer support at any time you need.

Can the MyWater® purifier system be used in small offices or commercial spaces?

Yes. We have special packages and pricing plans for enterprises of all sizes.

Where is MyWater® purifiers available?

MyWater® purifiers are only available in select major cities in Pakistan. We have plans for a national roll-out in late 2019 and international expansion in 2020. We will keep updates flowing in as they come on our social media and press release pages.

Who does the installation and how much does it cost?

Our qualified team of technicians will do the installation in your home or office. Our installation teams use high quality materials and ensure that no tubing or channels are exposed to dust or debris. The water lines we use are flexible similar to a coaxial cable hence our systems can be installed in hard to reach areas as well. We just require a water line and drain point within 50meters of the desired location where the unit will be placed. There are no costs for basic installation but advanced installation can be charged in the range of 1,500 – 2,500 PKR per unit excluding internal plumbing work. All details will be shared by the customer before installation begins.

Where is MyWater® currently available?

We are currently operating in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. You can call us at 021-11-11-92837 for further information.

What is the One Time Cost (OTC) for various models?

Dispenser style models have OTC starting from 8,000 + tax and undersink units have OTC starting from 5,000 + tax. The OTC amount is non-refundable. Taxes are applied based on federal and provincial laws.

What is MyWater®?

Water consists of over 70% of our body composition, so it is only important to make sure that the water we drink is as pure as nature intended it to be.

MyWater® solves problems efficiently by using proprietary Adaptive Micro-Cyclic Processing (AM-CP®) which uses NSF® certified Reverse Osmosis (RO) purification techniques using high quality components from Dow®, Applied Membranes® and HJC® to ensure all contaminants are removed from your tap water. Furthermore, MyWater® uses proprietary sensor technology to give greater visibility to consumers as to what they are drinking. This gives you control of your mineral water.

Simply said, it converts any type of tap water into clean mineral water. No more plastic bottles.

Do you deliver water bottles?

No, we do not deliver water. We purify your tap water to provide fresh and safe mineral water.

What is the difference between MyWater® and other water brands?

MyWater® does not use any artificial infused minerals and is plastic free. Our minerals are naturally sourced from Europe which gives our water a unique taste. And our smart app feature give consumers insights on their water unlike other branded water brands.

What cities does MyWater® provide services in?

Currently, we are operating in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. We are expanding our operations in other cities in Central, South and North territories. More updates will be shared digitally on our website and social media pages.

What monthly packages are available for residential use?

Neo (Non-Dispenser System): One Time Charge = PKR 5,000 + Tax

Monthly Subscription = PKR 3,500 + tax


Terra (Dispenser System):        One Time Charge = PKR 8,000 + Tax

Monthly Subscription = PKR 4,000 + tax

Does your dispenser come with a fridge inside it?

No. We use that same space to place our 8-stage purification system that produces the mineral water.

What are the payment options?

We have different payment options for customer’s ease. Payments can be made by following options:

  1. Quick Pay
  2. Cheques (Payable to MyWater Private Limited)
  3. Bank Transfer
  4. Cash Collections
  5. Online Payment Through Master/Visa

What is the power consumption of your equipment?

Compressor 0.7A/300 -400W heater

Water purification is 12W – 14W.

Does your dispenser have hot and cold options?


What if I don’t pay my bills?

We encourage our customers to fulfil the payments on a timely basis to enjoy seamless services. however, if the payment is defaulted for more than 15 days, MyWater® reserves the right to discontinue its services.

Is the equipment my property?

If the unit is purchased on an upfront package, the unit is customer’s property. If the unit is purchased on a monthly package, the unit belongs to MyWater® for a period of 36 months then the ownership is transferred to the customer. Upon which monthly service charge becomes PKR 1,500 + tax per month with annual renewals of contract.

How long do you take for installation?

The installation will be done within 24-48 hours once the pre-survey is done and approved by our team.

Can I pay my bills in advance?


How can I refer MyWater® to someone?

Contact details can be shared via App, e-mail address ([email protected]) or phone (021-11-11-92837). Once the details are shared, our team will contact the referee within 24 hours.

Can I get this installed in my office?

Yes, we have separate packages for B2B clients.

What monthly packages are available for corporates or businesses?

Neo (Non-Dispenser System): One Time Charge = PKR 7,000 + Tax

Monthly Subscription = PKR 4,000 + tax


Terra (Dispenser System):        One Time Charge = PKR 12,000 + Tax

Monthly Subscription = PKR 4,500 + tax

How can I register a complaint?

Complaints can be registered through our MyWater App, helpline or an email at [email protected]

Can I relocate the equipment myself?

We strongly urge customers to inform us when there is a need to relocate the unit. The installation of our systems done by our trained technicians is highly specialized to ensure no issues occur during usage. If any damages occur to the unit during self-relocation, MyWater® reserves the right to claim for these damages. We will charge PKR 1,000 + tax for relocation within 50 KM of the same location in a service enabled city.

Can I install the equipment myself?

No. The installation of our systems done by our trained technicians is highly specialized to ensure no issues occur during usage.

What is TDS?

TDS stands for total dissolved solids, and represents the total concentration of dissolved substances in water. These can be a collective mix of metals, pesticides, minerals, inorganic matter etc. All substances that are dissolvable in water.

What is pH level?

The letters pH stands for potential of hydrogen, since pH is effectively a measure of the concentration of hydrogen ions (that is, protons) in a substance.

How to install MyWater mobile application?

The application can easily be downloaded from Google Play


I am unable to login into the application?

Once the installation is completed, please note the following steps:

  • Open the App
  • Click on “I already have an account”
  • Click on “Recover my password”. Enter your registered cell number in the following format +92XXXYYYYYYY
  • System will generate a password which will be sent via SMS
  • If you did not receive a password via SMS, please contact customer care at 021-11-11-92837 to retrieve it

If during sign-in you get an “Account Verification” alert,

  • Click on “Verify”
  • You will get a 4-digit PIN code via SMS
  • Enter that on the same pop-up window to login

What type of contaminants can potentially show up in my tap water?

Common contaminants which can be found in tap waters are:

  • Metals
  • Pesticides
  • Dust and particulates
  • Bacteria
  • Virus
  • Inorganic contaminants such as presence of significant amounts of calcium or magnesium components which may cause hardness of water

Why do I need a MyWater® purifier at home for mineral water?

MyWater® purifiers are capable of removing all harmful contaminants in your tap water and add essential minerals as per international drinking water standards. This eliminates the need for plastic bottles which are a cause of water quality degradation and harmful on the environment.

How effective is MyWater® in removing all types of contaminants? Including ones that are not identified today but show up tomorrow?

Our filters have the capability of purifying water through an on-going process of filtration which assure you that water drawn from the faucet is safe for drinking. Our embedded sensors monitor incoming water in real time to make self-cleaning decisions in real time.

What is the difference between MyWater® water and conventional bottled water?

Bottled waters may contain contaminants from the plastic bottles they are transported in. These contaminants are mostly invisible (soluble in water) hence consumers cannot monitor this contamination in real time. MyWater® gives consumers the ability to purify water when the need it in front of them and the smart app ensures transparency into our purification.

How do I know the minerals added by the MyWater® is safe?

Our smart sensors are capable of informing the Unit for adding the required amount of minerals in the water.

What does MyWater® cost for residential use?

MyWater has a variety of models each with different pricing. Our most common model called ‘TERRA’ which is a dispenser style system comes in two types of pricing plans:

  1. Monthly rental plan: PKR 4,000 + tax per month

PKR 8,000 + tax upfront/one-time-charge

  1. Upfront plan: PKR 75,000 + tax

PKR 1,500 + tax per month service fee

Corporate plans differ in pricing.

What does the service fee and who does the maintenance of the system?

The maintenance of the entire MyWater system is done by our technical teams which is why a monthly service fee is charged.

How long is the warranty of a MyWater® purifiers?

MyWater systems are completely maintained by our team as long as the monthly service contract is active. Hence, the warranty is fully covered. Although the equipment has a life of 5-7 years.

What does the MyWater® mobile app show?

MyWater® mobile app shows daily readings of your Tap Water TDS, MyWater® TDS, consumption of water on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Can the MyWater® purifier system be used in small offices or commercial spaces?

Yes. It can serve up to 15-25 people at any given time depending on the model type.

How can I identify that water quality is compromised?

Our equipment is equipped with sensors which monitor water quality at every stage. Health of all filters are monitored by these sensors. In case if the health of any filter needs attention, an alarm is generated in our monitoring system, our teams will proactively approach you and change filters as required.

What is the turnaround time to resolve a complaint?

We resolve complaints within 24 hours.

Can I buy this equipment?

If a customer chooses an upfront plan, the device ownership is transferred to the customer. Monthly service packages differ in pricing depending on contract period of 3, 6 or 12 months.

What is the TDS level of MyWater®?

TDS depends on the source water TDS. It may vary from 20 to 200. We use mineral filters that adhere to international mineral waters. In general, MyWater systems provide mineral water with very low sodium levels along with using natural mineral elements hence the TDS is similar to natural spring waters.

How many active users does MyWater® have?

We have about 3000 satisfied active users in Pakistan and counting.

Does MyWater customize water treatment solutions for specific needs?

Yes. Our team of water treatment experts can customize a system to fit any specific need.

Where can I see a MyWater system installed?

You can experience our product and technology at one of these corporates:

Southcity Hospital

Hashmani Hospital

Indus Hospital

IBL Group

Pizza Max

Broadways Pizza

Bank Islami

Meezan Bank

Multinet Group

Lucky One

Habib Public School


Amreli Steels


Taj Medical Complex

Esquires Coffee

Tabba Kidney Hospital


NISUM Pakistan

Habib Public School


Amreli Steel

Faysal Bank

TPL Tracker

Burger Lab

And many more

(Please add more B2Bs we have…)

Can you show all the filters and processes physically?

Yes, we can give you a 3D visual or show you the filtration process inside the unit during a demonstration.

What is the TDS range which your system can accommodate and convert into pure mineral water?

Up to 3000 ppm. As per Global Bottled drinking water standards, any TDS starting from 20 – 150 is excellent drinking water. Our systems can convert any type of tap water to a variety of mineral waters such as Alkaline, Spring, Regular Minerals or Zero Sodium. Our system can convert any water having TDS up to 3000 ensure to 30-150 TDs (find an image) *

When did you guys launch this system in Pakistan? Because we haven’t heard about MyWater until now?

We started Product Development in 2019 and was beta tested in 2020. We are now expanding our service areas across Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad with other cities like Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Hyderabad and Peshawar later in 2021. We will also expand our product reach into international markets like UAE, Turkey, Sri Lanka, KSA and Egypt.

Can we run MyWater on a generator or UPS?

Yes. It is recommended to turn off the heating and cooling feature (only available in dispenser style models) to reduce power load. But all our systems can run on UPS or backup power.

How much water is stored inside a MyWater system?

Our dispenser models have the capacity to store 10 liters of clean water at any given time. Our non-dispenser models can be attached to a storage tank (optional feature) with capacity of 7 liters in case of emergencies.

Is TDS level below 100 healthy to consume?

As per WHO standard any water having TDS below 300 ppm is fit for drinking. Any water below TDS of 150 ppm is excellent for drinking hence we focus on a similar standard to ensure our customers get premium drinking water as other premium International bottled water brands. TDS level of below 300 ppm is a measure of taste rather than water quality as per WHO and other mineral water standards.

What is the wastage water ratio?

Rejection depends on the quality of water source but we have a rejection ratio of 25% – 50% which is where all the contaminants in the input water go into drainage. Customers can put the drain line back into their tanks for recirculation as the drain water is perfectly suitable for domestic use.

Can drain water will return into your dispenser tank via the same pipe?

No. A separate line has to be laid out from the drain outlet of the machine to the underground or above ground storage tank.

Can you use rejection water for any other purpose?

Yes, you can use it for any type of domestic purpose.

Minimum and maximum pH value of MyWater?

The minimum is 7 and the maximum is 10. For Alkaline pH is 10, for Spring Water 8-9 & regular is 7-8.5.

Can you share a pre-installation report of the source of water and after installation MyWater reports so we can compare the value of the component to how effective your water is?

Since the source of water in Pakistan is unregulated and unchlorinated even line water, our system is designed to take out any types of contaminants in your tap water that may be present any different day. These contaminants can be:

  • Heavy Metals like Arsenic, Lead, Mercury or Iron
  • Bacteria like Protozoa, E-Coli, Cysts, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and Coliforms
  • Viruses
  • Inorganic substances Fluoride, Salts, Halides

How much time do you take to resolve a complaint?

Our smart controls on board each system coupled with our cloud-based service NOC delivers preventive maintenance rather than reactive. We can see health of each filter and know when the filters will need replacement to ensure uninterrupted customer experience. Once our cloud-based NOC registers an alert we can resolve a complaint within 1 hour without working hours. After hours, the TAT time can extend up to 3 hours or so.

Is MyWater lab tested?

Yes, our water is lab tested from leading laboratories in UAE, USA and Pakistan. We use NSF certified filter elements and all components that come in contact with drinking water.

What is the difference between Terra and Neo?

Terra is a dispenser without a bottle which has a hot and cold-water option along with 6.5 liters of water storage capacity. Neo has capacity of 3.5 liters and is an under the sink device that only offers room temperature water

Is there a fridge available in the dispenser?

No. All that extra space below is home to our patented 8 step purification system.

How can I make a complaint?

You can make complaint using our mobile application, calling our helpline 11- 11-92837 or email us at [email protected]

What is the warranty of equipment?

Device remains under full-service maintenance. Any damage from negligence or tampering is not covered.

What is the cost of filters?

Typically, our devices do not require regular filter changes but if required, this cost is borne by the company. Our automated self-cleaning systems regularly clean and maintain health of our systems.

What if the taste of water is changed?

We can guide you through the flushing process or send over our trusted technicians to do the job. To do this yourself, switch off the device, press the cold and hot water taps to drain all the water in the device. Once fully drained then turn the switch on.

Can I move or relocate the dispenser myself?

No. Our devices are set with great precision of piping so only our technicians can relocate them for you.

How can I install the MyWater app?

Our registered customers can download the MyWater app free from Play store or Apple App store.

What is my user ID?

Your unique user ID will be provided to you upon sign-up

How can I login to the application?

Enter your credentials to login and monitor water quality of your dispenser.

How can I retrieve my password for the app?

You can click on “Forget my password” for retrieval. Or you can contact us at 021-11-11-92837

What options can be monitored via the MyWater app?

You can monitor your daily, weekly or monthly water consumption. You can also monitor health of each filter used in the system and check TDS levels of water in and out of our unit. Other options like billing, registering a compliant, refer users, manage service history etc. are also available.

How can I identify water quality?

Through our mobile App you can easily check water quality coming in and out of our unit.

Can I log a compliant using the mobile application?

Yes, you can by clicking the Report Problem button on the device home screen.

What if data is not updating at application?

Please call us at 021-11-11-92837

What is the size of application in MBs?

5.3 MB

Our app makes you smarter with your water. Our unique features promote a healthier and smarter lifestyle experience such as?

  • Real-time status of filters
  • TDS levels of input and output water
  • Lodging complaints
  • Service history
  • Billing
  • Quality scan
  • The number of glasses drank by the user
  • The number of bottles saved

What is the service taxes monthly bill?

For Sindh: 13%

For Punjab: 16%

How does your system kill bacteria?

We have a medical grade nanoceramic material embedded with silver and titanium oxide ions to kill and deactivate all types of tertiary biological and cysts contaminants. Or In simple words, we have anti-bacterial and UV disinfection filters in our system which ensures that water is 100% bacteria free

Do you have colors available for Terra Ms-02?

We have a charcoal black, midnight blue, racing red and happy yellow colors available upon customization.

Why did the taste of water in my unit change?

Change in water taste occurs due to change in your source water or if water is stagnant for long in the system. Flushing a few liters will resolve the issue.

Why is water being drained every time I use it?

Our system filters your source water and provides you clean, fresh and customized water so the contaminants removed get discharged by the drain line.