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instant purification

Purify your tap water into mineral water when you need it. Not weeks before, stored in dangerous plastic bottles.

no more bottles

Monthly subscription provides full service of the system including filter changes, so you get mineral water without the hassles of bottled water

eco friendly

Helping our communities reduce plastic waste for a cleaner environment.

cost saving

Save up to 70% on your monthly bottled water cost.

smart app

Our AI enabled sensor technology enables you to monitor water quality in real time. 


Adding of essential minerals in your water which uses NSF® certified components, just like nature intended.

Our 8-Stage
Purification Process

Removes all types of dust, particulates and suspended solids

Kills and deactivates all types of tertiary biological (viral and bacteria) contaminants

Removes all types of invisible impurities including salts & harmful metals.

Removes all types of odors & toxic chemicals. Improves taste.

Adds essential minerals to enhance nutrients and flavor.

kills all types of bacteria & viruses including protozoa, cysts & pathogens.

Analysis of MyWater & Other
Types of Water

Our Menu Of Waters

regular mineral water

Medium pH, High TDS. Comparable to regular mineral water

ultra pure water

Low pH, Low TDS. Ideal for people with medical conditions

alkaline water

High pH, Low TDS. Better hydration, ideal for active

spring water

Medium pH, Medium TDS. Comparable to spring waters


We monitor health of each filter in real time using our proprietary sensors and AI software and conduct services promptly to provide world's first predictive maintenance.


purifies water instantly


with essential minerals


water quality monitoring sensors


preventive maintenance eco-system

know your water

Our app makes you smarter with your water.
  • Real-time health status of filters
  • Service history
  • Billing
  • Water quality scan
  • Amount of glasses consumed by the user
  • Number of bottles saved

Trusted Clients

Corporates that have chosen to reduce plastic waste and improve water quality for their employees

Transform How Mineral Water Gets To Your Glass

Book a survey today and let our team demonstrate how mywater is a better solution for your drinking water.

Let's Reduce
Plastic Waste

Plastic Bottles Saved

Our Devices
Are Lab Tested
& Certified

Mywater systems have been lab tested from all major labs in Pakistan and abroad


I prefer my water as it provide a fresh and clean water and make our life healthy. I am using my water since 4 years and Alhamdullilah I am totally satisfied with it.
my water is a number one brand which provide the best quality of filters which purify the water and make it healthful. I appreciate the team of mywater as they have done an excellent job.
Sualeha Fareed
Sualeha Fareed
I have been using mywater for over 4 years now at my home and for over a year at office. Have installed it at couple of my friends home as well.
The services are excellent and the support team is like fire very very responsive 24/7.
Talking about water quality as people are reluctant trust me it is the best thing you will invest on at your home or office.
Cost is very competitive and then everything is taken care by the super trained team.
I always and will always recommend mywater to everyone!
One more thing the guy Talat Iqbal is a gem and I bet you will not regret connecting him for any sales related query!
Great tasting water. Quality is always top notch. They have really quick responding customer service and the people are really nice.
I have been a user of My Water for the past 12 months. Till now I've been very satisfied by their service.
No hassle of buying & storing 19ltr water bottles.
Also the quality of the water is perfect. I keep checking it randomly with my TDS meter and the water is always up to the mark.
highly recommended.
Bilal Hassan
Bilal Hassan
I have been using MyWater for the past two years, and recently, I had it installed at my new home as well. The water quality is exceptional; I even had it tested by external labs, confirming its reliability as drinkable water for my family. The team, especially the sales representative, Mr. Muhammad Waqas, was courteous and guided me through the installation process promptly, efficiently addressing all our needs. I highly recommend MyWater for their excellent services.
Yasir Jaffri
Yasir Jaffri
Very good service and a great chance to get rid of the plastic bottles and having your mini filtration plant at home.Thank you my water!!
Adeel Arif
Adeel Arif
my water is the best solution
Ali Haider
Ali Haider
I have recently installed my water on someone’s suggestion and I must say that it’s safe and healthy and the team is very supportive. Moreover I like it’s app as u can monitor your water anytime
Hareem Gohar
Hareem Gohar
I totally recommend mywater, the purest
water you can get 100 percent trustworthy
and efficient

I’m very much satisfied with the service provided and the quality of water. 💯
Usama Arslan
Usama Arslan
I recommend mywater to all the people as this is the purest water I've ever experienced. 10/10 recommendations.
Great customer service

Highly recommended
Nida Lakhani
Nida Lakhani
It is more than 1.8 years since am having My water.

This is an excellent service and it has made our life's too easy without any hassle of Water bottle

This also helps as their customer service is quite good and almost always available for any issues or routine maintenance

I definitely recommend this service for your daily Water usage

keep the good work
Raheel Ahmed
Raheel Ahmed
Excellent service and quick installation. device looks neat and the work was awesome. highly recommend this drinking water
Great cooperative team with great and quality brand
Sami Khan
Sami Khan
100% recommend..Pretty much satisfy with the water quality Pure and neat.Also Good Customer service and user friendly.
very pethetic and unprofessional behavior
paid almost 50k during last 1 year
filter change only once time
TDS are very high from last 7 months
complaining again and again through app and telephone but all is vain
never recommend to any one
installed local RO @25k and I am very happy with the results
1 filter changed once in a month cost me only100
Noman Zahid
Noman Zahid
Be smart drink smart With mywater
Best water to drink i am using this dispenser since 1 n half mouth and it is very sweet taist to drink . I was using before this Aquafina water but this is more better than that I recommend every one to use these there services also very fast.
Gajan Sarwar
Gajan Sarwar
Their customer service is very bad. They took cheque from me. Gave me a timeline of 14 days but installed the machine after almost 40 days.
Syed Musa Raza
Syed Musa Raza
This is for publicly shaming their users for a payment overdue. Extremely unprofessional. Would never recommend such a service.
Not recommended due to fake ratings.
scammer… dont waste time and money
Poja Kumar
Poja Kumar
یہ لوگ کراچی کے عوام کو بے وقوف بنا رہے ہیں ایک بوتل پانی کے لیے نل سے آپ کی ایک بانی ضائع ہو جاتا ہے،. سروس نام کی ہے
Sumara Hafza
Sumara Hafza
mywater is scammer company dont waste money. i paid adv… they installed unit just one month unit work, and after 4monthy thay pick unit for replacement. today is 7 days spended… they did not give money back and also did not replace unit. reason they saying HR Manager wedding therefore units are not replaced.
Faisal Shahzad
Faisal Shahzad
No monitoring of water quality from the company itself, poor quality equipment with alot of issues. No proactive action from team ever, every time i feel change in water taste i complain and the team visits only to find out that some filter is faulty, whats so smart about this so called smart water ?
Fahad Umar
Fahad Umar

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