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instant purification

Purify your tap water into mineral water when you need it. Not weeks before, stored in dangerous plastic bottles.

no more bottles

Monthly subscription provides full service of the system including filter changes, so you get mineral water without the hassles of bottled water

eco friendly

Helping our communities reduce plastic waste for a cleaner environment.

cost saving

Save up to 70% on your monthly bottled water cost.

smart app

Our AI enabled sensor technology enables you to monitor water quality in real time. 


Adding of essential minerals in your water which uses NSF® certified components, just like nature intended.

Our 8-Stage
Purification Process

Removes all types of dust, particulates and suspended solids

Kills and deactivates all types of tertiary biological (viral and bacteria) contaminants

Removes all types of invisible impurities including salts & harmful metals.

Removes all types of odors & toxic chemicals. Improves taste.

Adds essential minerals to enhance nutrients and flavor.

kills all types of bacteria & viruses including protozoa, cysts & pathogens.

Analysis of MyWater & Other
Types of Water

Our Menu Of Waters

regular mineral water

Medium pH, High TDS. Comparable to regular mineral water

ultra pure water

Low pH, Low TDS. Ideal for people with medical conditions

alkaline water

High pH, Low TDS. Better hydration, ideal for active

spring water

Medium pH, Medium TDS. Comparable to spring waters


We monitor health of each filter in real time using our proprietary sensors and AI software and conduct services promptly to provide world's first predictive maintenance.


purifies water instantly


with essential minerals


water quality monitoring sensors


preventive maintenance eco-system

know your water

Our app makes you smarter with your water.
  • Real-time health status of filters
  • Service history
  • Billing
  • Water quality scan
  • Amount of glasses consumed by the user
  • Number of bottles saved

Trusted Clients

Corporates that have chosen to reduce plastic waste and improve water quality for their employees

Transform How Mineral Water Gets To Your Glass

Book a survey today and let our team demonstrate how mywater is a better solution for your drinking water.

Let's Reduce
Plastic Waste

Plastic Bottles Saved

Our Devices
Are Lab Tested
& Certified

Mywater systems have been lab tested from all major labs in Pakistan and abroad


What a wonderful product and excellent service.. so relaxed by this hassle free product..keep growing!
Umer Hussain
Umer Hussain
Highly recommended , The best drinking water option available right now is mywater. As a way to rid from plastic water bottles.
Shahroz Ali
Shahroz Ali
highly recommended #MYWATER
Ameemah Aafreen
Ameemah Aafreen
highly recommend #mywater gives a better alternate of plastic bottles
Fida Ali
Fida Ali
Highly recommend it! 👍👌
Highly recommend My water it's refreshing and pure .
Alina Ali
Alina Ali
highly recommended Awesome
Mueed Ahmad
Mueed Ahmad
The services and billing department is outstanding and amazing. Would recommend #mywater to my friends and family..
Muhammad Betul
Muhammad Betul
#MyWater gives a better alternate of plastic bottles as plastic bottles are not good for health. That's why i recommend mywater to my friends n fam.
Wonderful experience with my water team especially the revenue team they are very humble, cooperative and well educated. highly recommended
Mywater is the best choice for pure drinking water.
highly recommend. one of the best water service experienced ..
Mahwish Adnan
Mahwish Adnan
zabardast services and hygenic water
Åßdulläh KZ
Åßdulläh KZ
awesome customer service. very professional staff
Hammad Qureshi
Hammad Qureshi
hogenic water . best customer services
Sooraj Kumar
Sooraj Kumar
Water quality is very good. highly recommend
Shayan Sheikh
Shayan Sheikh
awsome services awsome staff
Faizy Ahmed
Faizy Ahmed
very hygienic water and best customer services
Hasnain Ali
Hasnain Ali
Best services in karachi..
Arbab Khan
Arbab Khan
amazing customer services and product quality
good water taste. good and loyal services by company
Asim Pathan Jr.
Asim Pathan Jr.
very good and hygenic water
Shahryar Khan
Shahryar Khan
highly recommend. one of the best water service experienced ..
Rana Naveed
Rana Naveed
good services . Hygenic water. Highly recomended
Hashir Shahid
Hashir Shahid
Worst service
Bad products
Defected materials

One word description is “Pathetic”
Farhan Salam
Farhan Salam

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