Our Mission – Mywater

Our Mission

mywater® was founded on the mission to improve water quality for people in a sustainable way.


Meet mywater®

Since day one of mywater® being formed our mission has been to improve water quality for people in a sustainable way.

We wanted to create a better and more cost effective way to provide clean drinking water to everyone. We are engineers and environmentalists at heart. Our purpose was to develop our purifiers with modern technology at affordable costs which can result in giving back to society. From purpose we get our passion.

Our vision in to create greater access to clean drinking water for people who need it in countries like Pakistan.

We believe everyone has the right to safe water. It’s 2019, we are trying to look for water on Mars while there are millions of people on earth without clean water to drink. We wanted to change that, starting from Pakistan.

Our goal is to use a portion of our profits to develop and launch initiatives which would get clean water for people in need. Every liter from the MyWater® purifier contribute towards making clean water routine for millions.


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